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If you have been injured, your focus should be on getting better. That can be difficult to do when you have mounting medical bills, you are missing work and you are not sure of your legal and financial options.

At Moquin & Daley, P.A., we are experienced trial attorneys and trusted legal counsel for the injured. We have been helping people in Massachusetts and New Hampshire get the legal help they need to focus on their recovery since 1984. As a well-established law firm with significant experience and resources to help our clients, we provide you with clear legal options. We will let you know upfront about the merits of your case and what legal avenues are open to you.

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The workers’ compensation and personal injury attorneys at Moquin & Daley, P.A., are familiar with state laws in both New Hampshire and Massachusetts. Whether you were injured commuting across state lines or while at work, we know the law, who may be liable and your legal options.

We provide seriously injured and disabled individuals with quality representation in various legal matters, including:

You can find more information about our experienced attorneys and how they can help you in your personal injury or other legal claim here.

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Whether you must navigate the complexities of workers’ compensation or are simply trying to understand what happened to you at the hospital to cause you injury, getting answers without legal help is extraordinarily difficult. We have built our reputations on our diligent representation and a commitment to our clients. We can help you.

It costs you nothing to meet with us initially to discuss your legal matter. You can reach us at our Manchester, New Hampshire location by calling (603) 669-9400 and Massachusetts residents can call (617) 536-0606. You can also use our confidential online form.