Bad Back? Experiencing Carpal Tunnel? You May Be Eligible for Workers’ Comp.

Certainly as we age we experience more aches and pains. No one can be seventeen forever. But many common work injuries are mistaken as ordinary signs of age when, in fact, they are caused by repetitive motion at work. Workers who must miss work because of repetitive motion injuries, and injuries that are exacerbated by work activities, are eligible for workers’ compensation.

Repetitive motion injuries are responsible for a large number of workers’ compensation claims. Lifting, typing, and long hours standing or sitting without the ability to move around can cause strains, tears and other injuries that do not go away without treatment.

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Unfortunately, getting the benefits and medical help you need to get better is not as simple as telling your employer you are injured. You must actively protect your rights in a system that is not necessarily designed with your interests in mind.

A skilled and experienced repetitive motion injuries attorney can be invaluable to securing the benefits you need in your repetitive motion workers’ compensation claim. We know how to document your injuries. We can help you show how your injury is related to your work. The workers’ compensation system in New Hampshire and Massachusetts is complex. If you need to protect your rights and present the best possible workers’ compensation claim, contact us. We know how to work with insurance companies and hold them accountable to their end of the bargain.

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